The great Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”


Every skill can be mastered with proper practice and training, and that’s what the Philippine Center for Voice Acting has done for the voice acting industry. It raised the standards for voice artists, as they learn the principles, techniques and tools to perform any type of voiceover, and not just audition from one studio to another because they were told they “have a good voice.”


Voiceworx is the basic voice acting and dubbing workshop being conducted four times a year in the school. Each set of workshop runs for 8 half-day sessions every Saturday. Each session is intensely interactive and highly-participatory, so students get to apply the techniques being taught by the instructors.


Through Voiceworx, you will learn:


  • The opportunities that await in the voice acting industry
  • Vocal exercises to help develop vocal power and vocal variety
  • Formula to create character voices
  • Dubbing, translating and syncing
  • The “acting” in voice acting
  • Mock recording and dubbing


Voiceworx is taught by the best voice directors and voiceover artists in the country –


  1. Brian Mathew Ligsay (“DJ Big Brian”)

Brian is the head of Voiceworx, and Managing Director of Creativoices. He started his career as DJ Big Brian in Cool 106 FM at age 16, and since then has been one of the most sought after voiceover and events hosts of the country.


  1. Neil Tolentino (“Papa Neil”)

Papa Neil teaches the art of dubbing and syncing in Voiceworx, which is backed by his decade of experience in the industry. He worked as the Dubbing Supervisor and Director behind popular Asianovelas such as Lovers in Paris, Princess Lulu and Stained Glass, and Mexican soaps such as Dos Amores and Gata Salvaje. Papa Neil is also a theater actor and director.


  1. Danny Mandia (“Ama”)

Ama Danny can be considered an institution in the world of voice acting and dubbing. He worked as the Dubbing Director for famous Asianovelas like Meteor Garden and Love Scar, as well as animated series in ABS CBN and Hero TV like Peter Pan, Dog of Flanders, Remi, Julio at Julia, BTX, Digimon, and many more. Ama Danny teaches Theater in the Far Eastern University.


  1. Alexx Agcaoili (“Supremo”)

Alexx has a long list of anime credentials which he dubbed and directed. Among these were Inuyasha, Inuyasha the Movie, Mobile Suit Gundam, Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion, and Spider Riders. He is also actively working as a dubbing director for the Tagalized hollywood films being shown in ABS CBN.


For schedules, rates and discounts to join Voiceworx, visit www.voiceworxshop.com