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Voice Talents

Voice Over Talent At CreatiVoices, not only do we have cutting-edge studios and an elite production crew, but we also boast an exceptional lineup of voice-over professionals. Our roster includes over 500 diverse voice artists, spanning all genders and age groups. With the capacity to deliver in over 40 current languages, dialects, and accents, we're confident in matching you with the ideal talent for your requirements.

Filipino Voices

Voice Training

At CVAP, our focus is deep-rooted in the intricacies of the voice-over world. With a team of local and international voice-over specialists at the helm of each aspect, we seamlessly integrate our collective expertise. This allows us to establish a comprehensive education center, producing some of the most successful talents in the industry.

Voice Acting

Audio Dubbing

Recognized as the premier Filipino Dubbing and Voice Over Company, CreatiVoices stands unparalleled in connecting Filipino voice talents to the global stage and bringing international voices to the Philippines. Our track record speaks for itself: over 500 projects delivered to more than 80 countries worldwide. Your voice, our platform — where the world listens.

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