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Meet the CreatiVoicers Behind the Filipino Dub of                                “The Amazing Digital Circus”

“The Amazing Digital Circus,” an Australian-American computer-animated comedy-horror phenomenon, has not only captured audiences with its engaging narrative and impeccable animation but has also exploded in popularity online. With its pilot episode amassing over 50 million views on YouTube and #theamazingdigitalcircus achieving more than 925 million views on TikTok, it’s evident that the show is nothing short of a viral sensation. Its meteoric rise has seen the birth of a passionate fandom, inspiring a surge of fan art, memes, videos, and even sparking debates and discourse on various platforms.

The series, an indie creation by animator/composer Gooseworx and produced by the animation studio Glitch, introduces viewers to a group of strangers trapped in a virtual world by a sinister artificial intelligence named Caine. Despite its vibrant and whimsical aesthetic, the series delves deep into dark themes and unsettling narratives.

The acclaim it has received is multifaceted. The Filipino rendition, in particular, has been lauded for its authenticity and stellar voice work. Spearheaded by CreatiVoices Productions and Certified Voice Artists Philippines Inc., this Filipino dub boasts of a talented ensemble guided by the discerning hand of **The VoiceMaster of the Philippines**, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.


– Janeane “The Golden Voice” Santos: The versatile artist responsible for the voices of Pomni, Ragatha, and Bubble. Recounting her experience, Janeane mentions, “Voicing Pomni was challenging due to the myriad of emotions the character embodies. While you must remain true to the character, there’s a constant imaginative play of being in that fictional universe.” Beyond voice acting, Janeane lent her vocal prowess to the Filipino version of TADC’s theme song.

– Boggs “Voice Supremacy” Francia: The chosen voice for Caine, Boggs was The VoiceMaster’s prime choice. He playfully notes, “Yeah…It sounds a lot like me.” Pocholo added, “If you juxtapose the original English and Filipino renditions, you’d be convinced it’s the same voice.”

– Jayjay “Enerjay Voice” Delos Santos: The vibrant voice behind Kinger. Sharing his connection with his character, Jayjay says, “Kinger’s jovial nature makes him a joy to voice, and I wear that role with pride.”

– Mac “Voice of Magic” Florendo: Breathing life into the mysterious Gloink Queen. Reflecting on his role, Mac shares, “Being a supporting character didn’t deter me. I committed wholeheartedly to become Gloink Queen, ensuring I enjoyed every moment.”

Supplementing this brilliant team are Jennifer Friolo voicing Gangle, Bryan Dave Perez portraying Jax, and Pinky Rebucas giving her voice to Zooble.

Furthermore, the success of the dub wouldn’t be complete without mentioning **Karmina Dionisio**, the head dubbing engineer, ensuring the technical precision and quality of the Filipino version.

Expressing his pride, The VoiceMaster states, “This project fills me with immense pride, both as its dubbing director and producer. Its uniqueness sets it apart, and I believe it’s a gem in the animation world.”

A stalwart in the voice industry, The Voice Master has groomed countless voice talents and broadcasters in the Philippines, guiding them to their zenith through the Certified Voice Artist Program.

Released on October 14, the pilot episode of TADC rapidly garnered a massive 38 million views in just a week! Experience this Filipino auditory delight by switching the audio track to Filipino on YouTube: [link].


For CreatiVoicers and CVAP, their mission goes beyond just dubbing. They venerate voice acting as an art and harness their voices to foster positive societal change. If you harbor dreams of voice artistry, begin your journey at

Tips for Aspiring Voice Artists:

If the CreatiVoicers’ journey inspires you to venture into voice acting, here are some key pointers:

1. **Nurture Your Passion**: Beyond technique, it’s your ardor that will propel you.

2. **Practice Relentlessly**: Train your voice consistently, like any instrument.

3. **Dive Deep into Characters**: Engage deeply with their emotions and narratives.

4. **Welcome Feedback**: Constructive criticism is your roadmap to refinement.

5. **Stay on the Learning Curve**: Enroll in workshops, attend seminars, and find mentors.

6. **Network Relentlessly**: In this industry, connections can open many doors.

7. **Adaptability is Key**: Each role is a new challenge. Flex your voice to fit.

8. **Stay Grounded**: Relish in your triumphs, but remain ever-eager to learn and evolve.

Given the enormous traction and fervor surrounding “The Amazing Digital Circus,” it’s poised to remain a prominent fixture in animation. As it continues its trajectory, one can only anticipate what lies ahead for this digital marvel.

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Meet These 13 Up-and-Coming Filipino Voice Artists Who Hope to Make a Difference

Voice actors are people we have looked up to since we were kids, but did you know that you can turn that into a passion and a career nowadays? Meet these 13 up-and-coming Filipino voice artists who have recently graduated from the Certified Voice Artist Program:

Meet These 13 Up-and-Coming Filipino Voice Artists Who Hope to Make a Difference

Jenny Gonda aka Gondang Voice

Jenny Gonda shares that she joined the Certified Voice Artist Program because she has always wanted to take the saying “let your voice be heard” to the next level. “I grew up imitating the voices I hear on radio and TV, wondering when I would finally hear myself in those commercials and ads,” she shares. “Being a business major, there was no direct path for me to become what I’ve always aspired to be: a voice artist.” Even so, though, the fates were kind. After seeing a post on Facebook about the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), Jenny joined without hesitation. Since she had more free time during quarantine, she finally pursued her dream to learn more about the craft. “After the first session, I was sure that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far,” she says.

Here’s what her experience was like: “The one and only VoiceMaster, Sir Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, gave us a glimpse of what it’s like in the voice acting industry through his experiences. He also shared the basics of starting a career as a voice artist: how to find the niche for your voice, how to develop your voice, how to practice, and how to establish your brand and market it. The four-week program did not only teach me how to kickstart a career in voice acting, but also tips and disciplines to live by in and out of the industry. I will use my voice to help my fellow aspiring voice artists reach their own potential just like how Sir Pocholo and the CreatiVoices family did for us.”

Nichols Sayson aka The Voice of Choice

Before joining the Certified Voice Artist Program, Nichols Sayson already had the will to pursue the art of voice, but still felt like he lacked in so many things. “For a very long time (since high school!), I’ve looked up to people who can bring characters to life through the power of voice,” he shares. “I always wanted to be a part of that world, but I never thought I had what it takes to get there. Sure, people told me that I have a nice voice; but raw talent isn’t enough. So I did my research and found CVAP.”

Here’s what his experience was like: “Now, not only do I possess new knowledge on voice techniques, but I also (more importantly) have a support group! These are things you can’t just find anywhere else. Moving forward, I will use these new assets to further develop myself so I can better contribute to this world with my voice and leave a mark on people’s hearts, just like what Sir Pocholo does.”

Apollyn Gutang aka TheStunningVoice

Apollyn Gutang decided to join CVAP because she knew that the program would help her reach her dream in becoming a voice artist someday.

Here’s what her experience was like: “I learned lots of things at every session of the workshop. I learned that voice acting is not just acting, but the art of becoming. I learned that there is a formula in order to create a character voice. I learned about the equipment needed to be a voice artist. I also learned not to be ungrateful and selfish. Of course, it wasn’t just about learning. It was about having another family, as well. I met new friends and immediately felt after the first session. That’s what Sir Choi showed us and how he made us feel.”

Lourdes “Des” Budomo aka DaiLight Voices

Like anyone else who loved Japanese anime and Western cartoons, Des Budomo was one of those kids who tried to act out her favorite characters and use her voice to make those characters come alive. “As a kid I remember thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it fun to be the one who gave the voices to those characters?’,” she reminisces. “When I grew up, “dubbing” was one of those wishes that turned into just ‘mushy daydreams’. It was part of my bucket list – to at least learn about voice acting and try it out. I thought it was just something whimsical; but when the pandemic hit, I knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. So when I was asked to join CVAP, I just went for it. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and a lot of questions and doubts came up; but the pull of doing something for myself was the strongest urge I had felt in my life.”

Here’s what her experience was like: “First, I learned about the person who was behind this program: The Voice Master, Sir Pocholo De Leon Gonzales. It was very easy learning from his teaching style, even though the workshop was done online. From him, we learned about the industry and a bit of its history. We learned how to create voices using a formula and the various ways of being a voice artist. We learned the importance of having equipment and a good home studio. We learned about branding and technicalities, as well. More than that, it’s an entire package of self-discovery, personal growth, and mindset improvement. That package also comes with a great tribe and space where people from all various walks in life have common interests, common goals, and common approaches in life.”

Jairah Constantino aka Jari V, Miss Voice Energy

For the longest time, failures, rejections, low self-esteem, and no purpose in life have always been Jairah Constantino’s inner enemies. “Everyday, as soon as I wake up, I struggle to find my inner peace to destroy my adversary; but unfortunately, I always fail,” she shares. “As a result of testing my limits, I learned that there are a lot of things that can change depending on how you think. My passion for my childhood dream that I taught was lost appeared unexpectedly. Then, I decided to join Voiceworx Batch 50 – and I must say it was a good start of becoming a voice artist; but I believed that it shouldn’t stop there. That encouraged me to push myself to my limits, to test my boundaries, and to learn more from The Voice Master himself, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales.”

Here’s what her experience was like: “I recommend this program because aside from learning a lot about voice acting and improving one’s self, the workshop is very interactive and will help you bring out the best in you. CVAP helped me get through my inner adversary. This program is a blessing from above because this program helped me a lot to believe in myself. I didn’t know that believing in myself would become the key to find my inner peace. Now that I know that it is, I’m more grateful for CVAP. Additionally, CVAP helped me achieve my goals and as I achieve my goals. I feel more confident and inspired. On top of that, I feel like a new person filled with positivity. With the knowledge I’ve learned and experience I’ve gained, I can once again spread my wings and get ready to take flight towards my dreams keeping in mind that as life goes by, we may begin again.”

Michelle Samson aka The Voice Artist-Writer

Michelle Samson decided to join CVAP because she wanted to learn new skills and become a Certified Voice Artist of CreatiVoices Productions. She explains that her brand name establishes her as a voice artist who does voice overs, and as a writer or author of prose and poetry books.

Here’s what her experience was like: “I learned that it is possible to enjoy doing voice overs from home. I also learned different techniques, different kinds of voice overs, branding myself as an artist, and proper tools to make a home recording studio. I plan to use what I’ve learned from CVAP by dubbing, teaching, and other opportunities that I will find.”

Joshua Ravelas aka Voice D. Slayer

Joshua Ravelas joined the Certified Voice Artist Program out of inspiration, passion, and love. (His girlfriend inspired him to join). Prior to the program, Joshua was a podcast host, so he hoped to learn new things to create his upcoming show and improve his content as a creator. “I also want to help people find their passions and inspire them in the same way,” he adds. “I want to help people and guide them through their tough times by helping them with their mental health through my own voice and words of wisdom, counsel, and advice. We can’t fight our battles alone; we need people. We need advisors and counselors; we need mentors and doctors to help heal this world. I want to help this world in my best and own way: through my own voice.”

Here’s what his experience was like: “I learned a lot about the mysterious world of voice acting. It did not just teach us how to be professional, but also how to deal with stress with creativity and class. It practically taught us how to enjoy and do our work with passion rather than for money. It taught us to be loyal, committed, and dedicated to our work and any path we pursue. This program is no ordinary program. It doesn’t just teach you about voice acting, but also prepares you for the real world with real life learnings and situations that you can overcome, apply, and share with the rest of the world. Not only was this a stepping stone in my journey, but it is also a way I can help others with my own knowledge and talents.”

Camille Angela Tanchingco aka Voice Quester

Camille Tanchingco decided to join CVAP to pursue her long-time dream of entering the voice acting industry, and to be able to give a voice to anime, games, or her own content.

Here’s what her experience was like: “I learned the importance of taking care of your voice. Also, if you have a dream, you must take the chance now to pursue it, and don’t be discouraged. Most importantly, keep practicing your craft. This is very important for me as I have certain reservations about things that I can or cannot do. With the things that we learned, I’m hoping this will take me a level closer to my dream.”

Edel Grace Seronay aka Velvety Voice

Edel Seronay’s journey into voice acting started with curiosity. It grew further when she discovered that CreatiVoices Productions in Makati provides workshops for aspiring voice over artists. She was able to join the online platform of the Voice Acting Project and ended up signing up for the Certified Voice Acting Program (CVAP). “I decided to join CVAP because of my growing interest in voice acting,” she shares.

Here’s what her experience was like: “This program is full of promising opportunities of growth for anyone hungry for knowledge and skills. It was a great privilege to be personally mentored by the VoiceMaster himself, Sir Pocholo de Leon Gonzales. Amidst this pandemic and despite my hectic schedule at work, this virtual platform allowed me to be productive and fulfill my goals in becoming a better voice artist. I learned how to love and accept my voice, and to surpass my limits and go the extra mile. Hopefully, as a CVAP graduate, I’ll be able to share my skills and voice in promoting positive change in the country. I’d also love to provide opportunities for others to help realize their passion for voice artistry.”

John Paolo Rapiz aka Voicezzinger Z

JP Rapiz decided to join CVAP to explore and improve his voice acting skills. “I thought joining the Voiceworx 46 (2018) was enough, but I realized that I need more knowledge about it,” he admits. “Because of this voice acting webinar, I was able to create platforms (finally!), like a website, YouTube account and Facebook Page for the brand to market myself as a voice artist.”

Here’s what his experience was like: “I learned a lot! I thought I was just going to learn about voice acting, but it’s more than that. I learned about the pros and cons of different types of microphones, and how to market my brand using different platforms. It’s also a plus that Sir Choi (The Voice Master) is an inspirational and motivational speaker. This program really boosted my confidence to share my talent with  others. I have already made several videos using voice acting, and I feel artistically fulfilled whenever I see positive responses and appreciation.”

Nikie Esmero aka Voicing Queen

As a student, Nikie Esmero decided to join CVAP Batch 1 because she has always wanted to attend VoiceWorx but never got to. “I also wanted to learn from the VoiceMaster himself, Pocholo de Leon Gonzales,” she adds.

Here’s what her experience was like: “As a program facilitator, I had the need to use my voice as a platform to help people help themselves and realize their potential. I already achieved this to a certain extent as a hypnotherapist/life coach, but thought that I could help more people if I leveraged on a media platform. Here, I learned the importance of using your God-given talents, such as your voice, to push your mission in life. I plan to have my own radio show or podcast for this purpose soon.”

Angeline Rodriguez aka Voice Ganda

Angeline Rodriguez has been hosting and doing voiceovers for a few years now, but she never took the art seriously. When the opportunity arose during quarantine to join the Certified Voice Artist Program, she decided it was time to take things a step further. “Little did I know that I would end up learning so much about voice acting that I had never even considered – like the equipment needed and how to take care of my voice – as well as meet new people and learn a lot of life lessons along the way,” she shares.

Here’s what her experience was like: “CVAP is a whole load of fun! It doesn’t feel like your ordinary boring seminars where you just want to fast-forward time to make it end. I learned a lot of new things to help me further my career in the voice industry. Plus, I met a lot of like-minded people who are just as passionate about their voice as I am. With this knowledge, I hope to finally start those podcasts I have been dreaming of starting for a while now in order to give people with good stories a voice and to speak up about issues that other people are too scared to speak up about. Special thanks to the VoiceMaster himself, Sir Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, for taking a chance on me and for opening up my world to the beautiful industry of voice acting.”

Jose Jeffrey Perey aka Juan Voice

When Jeff Perey was still young, he would watch his favorite shows and wonder who the people behind the voices were. However, he never got the chance to pursue anything in the field because he was still young and had a lot of questions in life. During the pandemic, Jeff stumbled upon Ms Kathleen Kaye Sone (Voice-Over Flowers) and became a fan once again. After wondering where she learned her skills, Jeff  saw a post for a free webinar created by CreatiVoices Productions. Along with other webinars, this opened the doors for Jeff to pursue his passion in life to be a voice artist. “I knew that with the skills and expertise of the VoiceMaster himself, I would be able to learn the basic principles and more about the industry,” he says.

Here’s what his experience was like: “I learned that voice acting is an art that should be nourished and passed on to the next generation. It should be practiced with a heart. It should be a mission in mind and not just a source of income. This workshop will help you find your niche and learn about the different types of voice artists out there. You will also be given the chance to develop your voice and learn how to better care to it. CreatiVoices Productions gives you the freedom to do your best everyday. Now it’s your time. Let your voice be heard.”

Congratulations to all of the graduates of the Certified Voice Artist Program – Batch 1: Adrelle Emil V. Alfonso, Alvin Kjell Balce, Anabelle Hipolito Perez, Arianna Angeline Rodriguez, Apollyn Gutang, April Joy Escondo-Ramos, Camille Angela Tanchingco, Carren Deguila, Clifford Rae Gonzales, Deanna Gale M. Roquia, Edel Grace T. Seronay, Enrica Esmero, Francis Vincent Sunga, Haziel May C. Natorilla, Japheth Bien E. Reside, Jed Venard Sobrepena-Caseres, Jennevieve S. Gonda, Joed Julienne Sobrepena-Caseres, John Paulo S. Rapiz, Jonah Dave P. Herrero, Jairah C. Constantino, Jose Jeffrey G. Perey, Joshua Anthony Simeon, Joshua Hernandez Ravelas, Juliepearl P. Brion, Kathlyn S. de Vera, Kristoffer S. Cruz, Leah S. Variacion, Lourdes Anne P. Budomo, Maridelle G. Jaurigue, Marjie Rosienna M. Escaño, Mary Jephte N. Mañebog, Melinda L. Nomananap, Michelle Lou V. Samson, Michelle V. Jordan, Moises Ivan O. Leona, Myra I. Escoro-Dalumpines, Nichols Martin T. Sayson, Normilinda G. Gonzales, Perlyn Ocampo, Rene Vincent C. Torralba, Jr., Rian H. Ruiz, Richard Matthew F. Abalos, Ruby Ann Sobrepena-Caseres, Sheryl Arce Cordona, Steven Chase Lemen, and Teofilyn N. Ferido.

Do you want to be part of Batch 2 of the Certified Voice Artist Program? Find out how to join here.

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Exploring the World of Voice Over – The Philippines

You may know how big the voice over industry is in Japan being the anime capital of the world; and no matter how huge the movie and television industry in India is, they still have plenty of room for international movies and shows, dubbing hits in not just one language but in multiple local dialects and languages; and Mandarin is one of the top languages recorded for ads whether for television, radio or internet, they also do a lot of dubbing for videogames too, I remember when I was playing my video game and getting an elo boost service from Elitist gaming I noticed the game had a lot of languages to choose – but do you ever wonder what the voice over industry is like for their neighboring Asian countries? There are also another business that is really big in India, selling strollers, so you make sure to visit a Stroller Center the next time you go to the India.

The Philippines – a country name dropped in countless movies and television episodes, is also prime for voice over work. As one of the first Asian countries to produce radio programs in the 1950’s and eventually a pioneer in movies in their region, Filipino voice over talents found most of their work playing characters for radio dramas and dubbing over live actors’ voices in movies.

In the next 60 years, the tapestry for voice over work for this small island country changes along with the changing technology and times.

We caught up with Filipino voice over talent, Pocholo Gonzales, dubbed as the country’s VoiceMaster and founder of the Philippine Center for Voice Acting, to share what the voice over industry is like in the Philippines.