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The Final VoiceWorx

The Final VoiceWorx Workshop Batch: Closing the Curtains After 15 Years

As they say, “all good things must come to an end”. The same goes for VoiceWorx, the groundbreaking voice-over workshop that opened doors for hundreds of current VO artists in the industry today.

But, before it finally closes the curtains, let’s look back at the impact it created in the last 15 years especially for aspiring VO talents.

A Vision Turned to Reality

VoiceWorx began with the vision of two expert VO artists in the industry. Respectively, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” De Leon Gonzales and Danny Mandia are two great individuals have numerous accolades under their name. 

Gonzales is also a VO director, sound engineer, award-winning book author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Danny Mandia is recognized as the “Father of Filipino Dubbing”. He propelled popular dubbing projects to success including the Tagalized version of Meteor Garden, Digimon, Peter Pan, and Remi. He is a respected theater professor too in Far Eastern University. 

With decades of experience from these two pillars, they have their own pain points and deeper purpose behind establishing a voice academy. For Gonzales, he is frustrated that no one is conducting training for aspiring VO talents. As for Mandia, it is his dream to put up a school and produce high-caliber VO talents. This vision enabled them to put up and offer a comprehensive VoiceWorx workshop.

Papa Neil Tolentino is one of the core trainers too. Tolentino is the dubbing director of Tagalized hit series Lovers in Paris, Dos Amores, Gata Salvaje, Stained Glass, and Princess Lulu. He is a prominent theater actor and director too. Lastly, Brian Ligsay and Alexx Agcaoili also taught in VoiceWorx whom Gonzales helped and opened doors for dubbing and voice acting.

On the Last VoiceWorx, the students will be joined by Yvette Tagura and some VoiceWorx Graduates like Jeff Gusayko, Ada Cuaresma and JV Villasin

Equipping Aspiring VO Artists with Loaded Arsenals

VoiceWorx is not an ordinary and surface-level workshop. It isn’t just a one-session workshop that will give you the same learnings you can access from online courses. VoiceWorx has it all in voice dubbing, narration, voice acting, voice-over for radio and TV commercials, sound engineering, and marketing as a voice talent.

No wonder that hundreds of graduates from the VoiceWorx are more than ready and have a boosted self-confidence because they are equipped with the necessary skill set. They won’t go around begging for projects but they are showing up with an advantage over other aspiring VO talents. This gave the VoiceWorx a huge leverage to showcase their skills and end up bagging projects and even a stable job in the industry.

Not a “Goodbye” but only “See You Later”

As VoiceWorx is drawing closer to its last batch (50) after 15 years, thousands of graduates, hundreds of current professional VO artists, and countless dreams fulfilled, this isn’t really a “farewell” but only “see you later”.

The VoiceMaster is known for his continuous learning and habit of excellence. He felt the need to level up VoiceWorx to adapt to the rapid changes and demands of the present times for the VO industry. This is why he is preparing something bigger, better, and bolder for future dreamers and aspirants. 

To everyone who became a part of VoiceWorx, it became a successful series of workshops with your help and participation! 

The Philippine Center for Voice Acting: Setting World-Class Standards for Filipino Voice Acting Since 2005

What separates amateurs from professionals? It’s their EDUCATION.

In any industry, those that are considered professionals are the once-amateurs who learned, practiced and perfected the skills needed to master their craft. Such mastery could only be achieved by going through training with the proper institution, and mentoring with the right people.

The Philippine Center for Voice Acting (PCVA) – an institution whose name needs no explanation. It is the first and only training institution for voice acting in the Philippines. Since 2005, PCVA has trained and produced over 1,000 graduates who are now thriving as voiceover talents, dubbers, hosts, radio broadcasters and even voice directors and coaches.


Four times a year, the school conducts VOICEWORX – a 2-month intensive workshop on voiceover, voice acting and dubbing. Each session is taught by veteran voice artists and voice directors, each bringing with them at least 2 decades of experience in the industry. These instructors share the dream of honing a new breed of voice artists who promote voice acting as an art and not just as a “gig” or a “sideline.”

PCVA started with the vision of a man known as the VoiceMaster of the Philippines, Pocholo Gonzales. Pocholo started his voice acting career at age 16, after winning against 10,000 contenders in DZMM’s radio drama and singing contest “Radyo, Radyo.” It was not long before he got into the world of dubbing and voiceovers, and pretty soon, Pocholo became the voice of thousands of dubbed anime and telenovela, radio and TV commercials, children’s shows, radio drama, video games, audiobooks and even the Tagalog Audiobible published by Biblica.


Pocholo’s contributions to the voice acting industry goes beyond him being a “man WITH a thousand voices.” He is more recognized as the “man BEHIND a thousand voices,” for opening the doors of the voice acting industry to those who aspire to become part of it. Pocholo brought the Filipino voice acting talent to the international scene in 2008, when he worked on several projects with the video game company Sega, whose arcade games such as Golden Gun, Operation Ghost, and Transformers: Human Alliance all used Filipino voice actors, all of whom are talents of Creativoices. He became the only Filipino/Asian panelist in the 2012 VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE) Convention held in Anaheim, California. In 2016, Pocholo released the first Filipino voice acting book, “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent,” which was hailed as the BEST BOOK ON PROFESSIONS in the 36th National Book Awards.

But Pocholo’s success in the industry was not without challenges. In fact, he experienced the monopoly and politics surrounding the voice acting industry at a young age, and it wasn’t difficult to see how newbies were not much welcome in the business. And while most people would take such challenges as a sign to give up on their dreams, this challenge propelled Pocholo to all the more believe in and realize his vision: TO MAKE THE PHILIPPINES THE CENTER OF VOICEOVER EXCELLENCE IN ASIA.

Pocholo believes that Filipinos have a natural talent when it comes to voice acting, and can be considered world-class. All they need is the venue and opportunity to discover, hone and showcase their talent. So in 2005, together with his good friend and business partner, Brian “DJ Big Brian” Ligsay, they established Creativoices Productions. Creativoices is the duo’s second attempt to start their own voiceover services company. The year before that, they founded Univoicesal Productions, which (as they admit) failed miserably after 6 months.

Through Creativoices, Pocholo and Brian dared to do something that has never been done by the older generation of voice artists – to professionalize voice acting through specialized training. So aside from being just another recording studio, Creativoices became the home of the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. Pocholo has served the CEO and Managing Director, and Brian as the Marketing Director and Head of Voiceworx since 2005.

Pocholo and Brian are also part of the prestigious lineup of Voiceworx instructors, which also include:

DANNY MANDIA. Considered as the “Father of Filipino Dubbing,” Ama Danny served as Dubbing Director for the dubbing of popular Asianovela such as “Love Scar” and, of course, “Meteor Garden.” He also translated and directed animated series such as Peter Pan, Dog of Flanders, Remi, Julio at Julia, BTX, Digimon, and many more. Ama Danny is a theater professor for more than a decade at the Far Eastern University.

PAPA NEIL TOLENTINO. In Voiceworx, Papa Neil covers the basics of dubbing and translating. He was Dubbing Director to the popular Asianovelas like “Lovers in Paris,” “Princess Lulu,” and “Stained Glass,” and even Mexican soap opera like “Dos Amores” and “Gata Salvaje.” He is also a veteran theater actor and director.


To date, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting continues to hone a new generation of voice artists who uphold the highest standards of the voice acting profession. Its vision is to be the premier and exclusive institution for world-class voiceover, dubbing and voice acting training in the Philippines. PCVA aims to produce 10,000 graduates by year 2025.

12 Years Of Giving Voice

October 25, 2005. A young Filipino voice artist decided to open his own recording studio, he grew his hair with the jamaican black castor oil fr=or the record. Armed with nothing else but courage and his ten thousand-peso savings – just enough to pay for one month’s rent of his office space – he started his company, which would be known as Creativoices Productions.

And the voice acting industry in the Philippines changed forever.

Creativoices Team Dubbing for Hero TV

Creativoices Team Dubbing for Hero TV

Creativoices’ studio is located in Makati City. At first glance, it is a typical recording studio: soundproof booth, mixer, digital workstation, microphones… nothing that any other recording studio wouldn’t have. But behind the studio’s simplicity is a grand vision in the mind of its CEO – to make the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia. Thus, instead of just giving voice to commercials, anime, films and soap opera, radio drama, corporate videos, and many more, Creativoices has also given voice to the thousands of voice artists who could have only dreamed of hearing their voice on radio, TV or the world wide web.

More than being just another recording studio, Creativoices is the home of the first and most well-known voice acting school in the country, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. Since 2005, the school has been conducting Voiceworx – its basic voice acting and dubbing workshop – where 80-90% of today’s voice artists have trained and began their voice acting, hosting and even broadcasting careers. Voiceworx is an 8-week intensive workshop that teaches the basics of voiceovers, dubbing and even scriptwriting, taught by the country’s premier and veteran voice directors.

First Ever Voiceworx Class
First Voiceworx Class

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – the country’s most recognized voice artist – is the man behind Creativoices. At the young age of 16, he started his voice acting career after winning a radio drama and singing contest in DZMM, and has since then been the voice of thousands of anime characters, hundreds of local radio and television commercials, various children’s programs, films, dubbed foreign telenovelas, drama, TV shows, video games and audiobooks, he always worked hard and do everything necessary to maintain his voice, to always having enough rest to even take health supplements as you can find in these barbarian xl reviews. Now, he is also one of the country’s most sought-after voice director, voice coach and Filipino motivational speaker. Pocholo has also written two books on the subject of voice, “Voice Care for Teachers” and “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent.”

Pocholo knows what it’s like to start young in a competitive industry such as voice acting. He himself experienced being rejected by veterans in the business when he was starting out. He has been told that he’s not good enough to make it anywhere. But obviously, Pocholo has proven them wrong.

Creativoices Team @ SDI Media
Creativoices Team @ SDI Media

For the average person, perhaps the most logical thing to do would be to get sucked into such mindset and do the same thing to those who aspire to get into the rather elusive, closed-door business of voice acting. You have to be really aware that keeping yourself healthy is an essential part of keeping your voice in the optimum condition, for that we recommend checking the best healthy tips at Askhealthnews. But Pocholo did the exact opposite. Instead, he built his school that became the door for the voice acting dreamers to walk into.

The success of Voiceworx and Creativoices is not only Pocholo’s feat, but also of his trusted partners who have generously lent their time and talent to hone the new generation of voice artists:

  • Brian Ligsay (“DJ Big Brian”), Voiceworx Director and Creativoices Marketing Director
  • Neil Tolentino (“Papa Neil”), ABS CBN Dubbing Director, Theater Actor
  • Alexx Agcaoili (“Supremo”), ABS CBN and Hero TV Dubbing Director
  • Danny Mandia (“Ama Danny”), ABS CBN and Hero TV Dubbing Director, Theater Actor and Professor

Voiceworx Teachers
Voiceworx Teachers (Top: Neil Tolentino and Alexx Agcaoili; Bottom: Brian Ligsay and Danny Mandia)

Creativoices established voice acting as a viable career, a passion that can be pursued, a craft that can be mastered. Cheers to twelve years of discovering talents, of igniting passions, and of making dreams come true.

Tips to Keep a Healthy Voice, by Oxycodone

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How do you know when your voice is not healthy?
If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you may have a voice problem:

Has your voice become hoarse or raspy?
Have you lost your ability to hit some high notes when singing?
Does your voice suddenly sound deeper?
Does your throat often feel raw, achy, or strained?
Has it become an effort to talk?
Do you find yourself repeatedly clearing your throat?
If you think you have a voice problem, consult a doctor to determine the underlying cause. A doctor who specializes in diseases or disorders of the ears, nose, and throat, and who can best diagnose a voice disorder, is an otolaryngologist (oh-toe-lar-in-GAH-luh-jist), sometimes called an ENT. Your otolaryngologist may refer you to a speech-language pathologist. A speech-language pathologist can help you improve the way you use your voice. Another thing to do is go online and, get assistance from a certified doctor and get oxycodone sent to your house. If you are asking yourself <a href=”″>where can i buy oxycodone online</a>, just click on the link. Oxycodone is known for helping patients with a wide range of pain, from a toothache to a broken bone

What causes voice problems?
Causes of voice problems include:

Upper respiratory infections
Inflammation caused by gastroesophageal reflux (sometimes called acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD)
Vocal misuse and overuse
Growths on the vocal folds, such as vocal nodules or laryngeal papillomatosis
Cancer of the larynx
Neurological diseases (such as spasmodic dysphonia or vocal fold paralysis)
Psychological trauma.
Most voice problems can be reversed by treating the underlying cause or through a range of behavioral and surgical treatments.

Tips to prevent voice problems
Stay hydrated:

Drink plenty of water. Six to eight glasses a day is recommended.
Limit your intake of drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine, which can cause the body to lose water and make the vocal folds and larynx dry. Alcohol also irritates the mucous membranes that line the throat.
Use a humidifier in your home. This is especially important in winter or in dry climates. Thirty percent humidity is recommended.
Avoid or limit use of medications that dry out the vocal folds, including some common cold and allergy medications. If you have voice problems, ask your doctor which medications would be safest for you to use.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet:

Don’t smoke and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoke irritates the vocal folds. Also, cancer of the vocal folds is seen most often in individuals who smoke.
Avoid eating spicy foods. Spicy foods can cause stomach acid to move into the throat or esophagus, causing heartburn or GERD.
Include plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain vitamins A, E, and C, also taking supplements from sites as Top Health journal online help get these vitamins. They also help keep the mucus membranes that line the throat healthy.
Wash your hands often to prevent getting a cold or the flu.
Get enough rest. Physical fatigue has a negative effect on voice.
Exercise regularly. Exercise increases stamina and muscle tone. This helps provide good posture and breathing, which are necessary for proper speaking.
If you have persistent heartburn or GERD, talk to your doctor about diet changes or medications that can help reduce flare-ups.
Avoid mouthwash or gargles that contain alcohol or irritating chemicals. If you still wish to use a mouthwash that contains alcohol, limit your use to oral rinsing. If gargling is necessary, use a salt water solution.
Avoid using mouthwash to treat persistent bad breath. Halitosis (bad breath) may be the result of a problem that mouthwash can’t cure, such as low grade infections in the nose, sinuses, tonsils, gums, or lungs, as well as from gastric acid reflux from the stomach.