Affiliate Studios

Creativoices Affiliate Program

The Creativoices Affiliate Program is open to all freelance voice artists and recording studio owners in the country. As an Affiliate, you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Become part of Creativoices’ ever-growing talent pool, especially in your native language/dialect.
  1. Receive a steady flow of voiceover projects (Creativoices dominates the organic searches for keywords like “Filipino voice talents,” “Voice talent Philippines,” and “voice over Philippines,” among many others).
  1. Be branded and recognized as an affiliate of the country’s top online voiceover services company.
  1. Opportunity to join the Philippine Voice Users Society (a.k.a. The Microphone Club), an organization of Filipino professional mic users designed to advocate the highest ideals and practices of the art of speaking behind the microphone through training, peer-to-peer mentoring and best practice sharing.


To become a Creativoices Affiliate, simply fill out the form below. Our Communications Officer will get back to you with the details necessary to get you started.