VoiceOver Recording Production


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A sound suite geared with state of the art equipment that performs more than just voice recording. It will give your project an outstanding glitter that put your competitors behind you without much cost. The same Voiceover Talent will always sound exceptionally outstanding when recorded in our studio.

It’s definitely a privileged investment not only in terms of equipment but expertise in Audio Post. And it will naturally separate your competitors by putting them far behind you. Do provide us with your broadcast network specification sheet and we’ll prepare the rest for you.

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Understanding what is a Voiceover Recording Production

Voiceover Recording is commonly known as Voiceover Production. It is a type of Audio Production where a Voice-over Talent or Artist reads from a script and be pre-recorded in a professional Recording Studio. The recorded voice is then placed over visuals in video or image. This is commonly used in

  1. TV Commercial
  2. Radio advertisement
  3. Documentary
  4. News report
  5. Announcement
  6. Presentation

Apart from its use in a media broadcast, voiceover recording is also vastly used in the following

  1. Safety message announcement
  2. Automated Dialogue Replacement in short ADR
  3. Animation / Software / Game Character Dubbing
  4. Instructional product videos in different languages
  5. Listening examination in schools
  6. Theatre musical play
  7. Musical for children/kids
  8. Sermon / Chanting for religious purposes
  9. Audiobook
  10. Phone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompt and many more…

Do take note that once your material is recorded, mixed and mastered, you would most probably use it without any further cost for as long as you wish. Hence the cost for producing and recording of the voiceover would seem negligible when you put these factors into serious considerations. And yes, we do Video Editing as well. Let us know if you would need some help!

Here are some pointers for Voiceover Recording Production

  1. Who are your audiences?
  2. Is your script ready/prepared?
  3. Do you prefer a male or female voice talent?
  4. In what language and accent would you prefer?
  5. Will the production be used for a short or extended period of time?
  6. What is the duration of the video or advertisement?

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